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Marijuana grow house discovered
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Conyers Police Officers responded to a complaint on April 15 from a concerned resident, who reported they knew the location of a marijuana grow house. According to officers, the complainant had been in the home looking at a room for rent when they noticed all of the plants. They declined to rent the room and called the police after leaving.

When the officers responded to the house in question, they observed the windows were covered with sheets and blankets — a telltale sign of a marijuana grow house. The officers also noticed a black male, later identified as Melvin Lebron Evans, looking out from the curtains. Evans opened the door before the officers had time to knock.

Evans allowed the officers to enter and consented to a search without incident. Officers quickly discovered a bong, several rolled marijuana cigarettes, some half smoked, and a baggy of suspected marijuana. Numerous books about growing marijuana were scattered around the residence. At this time, Evans and a female present in the house, Denise Yolanda Grant, were placed in handcuffs.

The officers eventually made their way to the basement, with Evans’ permission, where they found approximately 18 marijuana plants ranging from new growths to four feet tall.

CSI collected evidence from the scene, and Evans stated he had rented the property and did not know about the grow. Officers plan to dust for his fingerprints in the basement. Evans and Grant were transported to Rockdale County Jail and charged with Manufacturing of Marijuana.