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Marel Brown Program poetry
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The following pieces from A.R. "Gus" Barksdale Boys & Girls Club students were published in the 2010 Marel Brown Program publication

The Garden

Alexia Bumpass, Age 11

The garden is peaceful place for everyone to be

There are so many things in the garden you’ll see.

I love it so much, I could be there everyday

The garden is so fun for everyone to play

Every time I go there, I always like pray.

The garden is a cool place to be

I love it so much, I dream about it in my sleep.

There are all sorts of things to do

If you don’t think so, just come and see.

And when you get there

You will love the garden, just like me.


Single Parenting

Kayla Davis, Age 12

It’s not easy growing up without a dad

A part of your life is missing and it’s sad

You always feel like you’re not whole

And you feel like the hole will never be closed

My heart is in pain

Is my crying in vain

It’s like a never ending headache

That can never be erased

I shout and I scream

But I don’t want to be mean

To my mom who is still there

I wonder why I still care.