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Man on the Street: School Lunch
DMS 7th grader Brian Thompson's fave cafeteria selection is the Asian chicken bites - photo by Jessica Smith

We asked local students what was their favorite school lunch:

LES second-grader Max Zhang picked cherries and sandwiches as his favorite lunch.

DMS seventh-grader Mackenzie Johnston likes the BBQ chicken sandwich and pear the best.

LES second-grader Chad Wiggins said he likes the BBQ chicken wings and bananas for lunch.

LES second-grader Alayah Villereal picked pizza and apples as her favorite cafeteria offering.

LES Cafeteria Manager Deb Petty (L) and Mary Dantzler (R). Petty was tickled when a kindergarten student, after a field trip to Southern Star Farm, asked if she had cows out back

DMS's Cafeteria Manager Linda Edwards has been with RCPS for 20 years and serves up to 875 meals per day.

DMS 7th grader Cameron Zahand's fave fare in the cafeteria is cheese nachos and oranges.