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Man on probation arrested for indecent exposure
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While doing community service on probation, a Covington man was arrested and cited for indecency after making moves that were less than community-minded.

According to the police report, a Conyers woman who was also doing community service on June 29 accused the 31-year-old man of exposing his penis to her while they were working at the Georgia International Horse Park, 1996 Centennial Parkway.

The woman told police that while the workers were on break, she and the man, who was performing community service as part of his probation, were talking in the break room. The man asked her questions such as "if she had a boyfriend," "if she had a car" and "questions of that nature," according to the report.

Shortly after the question and answer conversation, the woman told police the man "pulled up one side of his shorts to purposely expose his penis." She says she tried to act as though she didn't see it, but then the man attempted to get her to look.

"So you're just going to ignore me and not look at me?" the man asked according to the woman.

"Are you serious right now?" she retorted just before the man began laughing.

The woman reported the encounter to supervisors as soon as the break was over.

The man claims the incident didn't happen quite the way the woman says it did. When talking to police, he initially denied having any interactions with her at all. But gradually he altered his story as the conversation continued, according to the police report.

"(The man) stated that they had been having conversations and had been joking around for the last couple of days," Conyers Police Officer Tracie Landress wrote in the report. "(The man) stated that he did ask (the woman) about having a boyfriend and a car."

However, he denied exposing his penis to her. Instead, he told police when he went to scratch his leg he slightly lifted his nylon basketball shorts up in order to get to the itch, but stated there wasn't a possibility of the woman seeing his genital area while he did this.

The man wasn't wearing underwear at the time of the alleged incident.

Based on the statements from the two, Landress arrested the man and took him to the Rockdale County Jail for public indecency. He was booked into the jail on a city citation.