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Man left Waffle House driving with beer, gin, vodka
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A man was driving with an open beer, bottle of vodka and bottle of gin after being told to leave a Waffle House early Sunday morning.

The Covington Police Department responded to the restaurant on Hwy. 278 just after 3 a.m. According to reports the suspect left in a red Chevrolet pickup, traveling south on the Bypass, and appeared to be intoxicated.

The officer pulled over the suspected driver, Tytus Baynes, and observed red, glassy eyes, a strong odor f an alcoholic beverage , slurred speech and lethargic mannerisms.

The officer also saw "an open container of beer (Bud Light) in the rear passenger seat arm rest and two open containers of liquor (Absolute Vodka and Seagrams Gin) on the floor board behind the passenger seat," according to reports.

When CPD went back to the Waffle House, a witness reported Baynes' was acting out of control when he first arrived. The witness said Baynes sped into the parking lot, and entered the Waffle House with "an attitude of confrontation toward other patrons."

After he used vulgar language with other patrons, Baynes was asked to leave. According to reports, Baynes slammed the glass door several times, and was falling into chairs along the glass wall.

Baynes was issued a citation for public drunk, DUI and open container.