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Making a plan
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During a conversation a man told me his wife stepped out to buy groceries while he was home and the children napping. She took her time grocery shopping as her cell phone rang constantly. After the third ring tone she answered the phone. It was her husband in a panic saying, "the kids are up, what am I going to do with them?"

This scenario is common for many households. Once the parent that typically instructs the children is gone for a moment, the other is seeking a plan to get the children out and about.

Often times many seek a plan after things are in motion, instead of prior. Before you were created, God already had a plan in place for you. God does not create something and then set a plan in motion. He has a plan before the creation.

My mind is captured by the calling of Jeremiah. In the 13th year of the reign of Josiah, God spoke to the Prophet Jeremiah saying "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations," Jeremiah 1:5.

God was basically saying to Jeremiah, prior to your birth I chose you and made you different and gave you the position as a prophet. He was to serve not only the Jews but also neighboring nations also.

Jeremiah was a young boy and I imagine him wondering, "who am I to follow out such a task?" God came to Jeremiah to give him confidence to let him know he had the blue print for the directions he have given Jeremiah.

Have you wondered how to get to a point, yet haven't considered planning from the beginning? Maybe you are in motion to a certain destination and wonder why things are bumpy along the way. Possibly you jump into projects without reading the directions.
Consider seeking God first before setting out. Pray to God to guide you to your purpose. Ask Him to reveal what He has positioned you to do in life, for we all have a purpose in life.

Harris is a mother and local resident.