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Life after people
Ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company Textile Factory2

This event appeals to me on so many levels. There’s there history, of course, but it’s not just that. The thought of getting lost with the ghosts who must still haunt this place (look at it, of course there’s ghosts) and taking pictures of the ruins that have basically turned into a real episode of “Life After People” sounds like the best day ever. During the guided hike to the five-story ruins of the Civil War-era New Manchester Textile Mill you’ll learn about the history of the Sweetwater Creek Valley, which is fine. But THEN you get to go inside the ruins and check out the rapids nearby. Totally worth the trip for that! So if you’re like me, and you love those Discovery Channel shows that focus on deserted asylums and islands and junk like that, this is the event for you. Plus you’ll probably get to hang out with me. I’ll be the one with the camera, bouncing around with excitement. 

Price: $10

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