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Letters to the Editor: Housing Authority Project
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Housing Authority Project

Dear Editor: A recent news article heralded a new day for the citizens of Rockdale County. That article proclaimed, by the Housing Authority Executive Director Gary Erwin, a dramatic need for more public housing in our county. He also stated that there were 400-500 on waiting list.
Now here is what my Open Records search actually found yesterday. There are less than 365 on the waiting list and almost 60 percent are not from Conyers. That's right; we are going to beg the Feds for taxpayer money to begin constructing $12 million dollar four-story high-rise buildings for people who do not even live in this state. And it will require local funding (code words for more taxpayer dollars) to build and maintain it.
Law enforcement knows what a farce this would be and the wives of the men would tell you H__K no to this moronic plan.
But let us not forget we have more illegals in Georgia than they do in Arizona. That is true. And they border Mexico. So why are they here in Georgia? Number one reason: free stuff, and all of it paid for by us.
We must also add in that then we will have to have more and bigger fire trucks. If you have never thought of it, stop in the Hobby Lobby parking lot and look over at Bank of America on 138. That, my fellow citizens, is what we are facing - a massive structure totally out of character with your community. If you do not start calling the Mayor Randy Mills and the city council members, your opinion will not be heard. They are the partners in this misadventure.
Remember this first project is touted to go up on thirteen acres on Rockbridge road next to fire station. Thirteen acres - yikes! I know the homeowners in the area are thrilled to hear this news. How about if you were trying to sell your home and the prospective buyers took one look at that monster. Right, you will be ruined and only because you did not act now.
As for our local Chamber of Commerce going to China, I suggest it would help more for a trip to Irwin Bridge road and stop this nonsense.
What community ever developed prosperity building public housing? Where has the Federal Housing ever succeeded in controlling crime and violence where such projects were undertaken?
Did they not just tear down the ones in Atlanta? Hello, did they learn something we should know?
The final question is simply this - will your family and business be safer with this massive expansion of public housing in Rockdale?
If you answered no, then e-mail your commissioners as provided below and tell them you want an honest open debate on channel 23 with real citizens like you and not the hand picked lackeys you see all the time.
We are losing our once beautiful and safe community to those who wish again to experiment with social programs and care less for the destruction left from their actions.
Today is the beginning of all of your tomorrows; work now to save your investment in your home and make those tomorrows safe for us all.

Don Meyer
Home Owners for Better


Dear Editor: I found interesting the public commentary about an April 14 article about my speaking to Democrats on April 16. The comments were made by individuals who did not attend the Democrat meeting to hear what I said. Nevertheless, a set of comments defended me. Thank you.
Others said that I was, variously: a Democrat patsy; that I was "weird" for trying to "seek common ground" for the good of the local community; that my credibility was in doubt, therefore; and that my sincerity therein could be believed only when I began showing at Republican meetings.
I've attended about a third of public Republican and Democrat Rockdale meetings in the past year. In prior years, I attended many more Republican meetings than I have lately. Frankly, I would be ashamed of both "major parties" in political office, if I associated myself with them more than in friendship with individuals. As the article implied, the reason that Libertarians are not "major" now is the stacked ballot-access deck dealt by the other two.
I have been a Rockdale Republican vice chair during a local Libertarian dormancy. In 2008, I spoke to Rockdale Republicans representing the Ron Paul presidential campaign. In 2008, also, I spoke to the 4th Congressional District Republican Convention as charter co-chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia. It is arguably libertarian or at least constitutionalist. Ron Paul is both and had many supporters present.
On April 16, I called both "major parties" to repentance at the Democrat meeting being broadcast over local radio. I did so to Republican "conservatives" for legislating/coercing "morality" in substance use/abuse. I did so to Democrat "liberals/progressives" for legislating/coercing "charity." Thereby, both do more harm with unintended consequences than good.
Of course, neither "morality" nor "charity" is such, when coerced through legislation enforced by bullets from barrels of government employee guns. Libertarians would say that, "everybody has the right to go to hell in their own way," as long as they do no harm to another.
Government does nothing well, or even better, than private enterprise for profit or for charity. Republicans and Democrats have made a shambles of virtually everything that they have touched together or separately. It's going to get worse, before it gets better. At least, they can't blame Libertarians in office for the current and future disastrous results of the warfare and of the social and corporate "welfare" that they have done.

Randy Reynolds
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Rockdale County