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Letter: Would you vote for this person?
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Dear Editor: Would you vote for this person?

Mostly recently (he was) arrested for domestic violence; also accused of "groping" a student while working on an unauthorized shift; charged with sexual battery and making false statements while working as a Deputy Marshal in Augusta; performing duties for which one has no authority; "sloppy performance" in authorized duties such as not keeping his pistol clean and not having patrol car serviced as required and notarizing data without notary authority. 

During this employment this person received a total of 22 days on suspension during 10 years of service as a public servant, although there were many infractions which led to the "firing" of this person, one infraction worth noting is his receiving a five-day suspension in March 1995 after a supervisor found him at home asleep on duty. On two occasions, he received written warnings for not reporting to work or calling.  

He was given a chance to resign but declined.

This person was turned over to the police and was immediately released on $7500 bail. The charges were "sexual battery and making false statements in a government matter." Sexual battery, a misdemeanor, carries a prison term of up to two years.  False statements in a government matter carries a prison term of up to five years. This person did NOT serve time for ANYTHING

Not only did this person shirk responsibilities but he also "thumbed his nose at authority" avoiding the rules while working at the Richmond County Sheriff's Department. 

A full report can be found by going to Augusta Chronicle, October 7, 1998 written by Meghan Gourley, staff writer for the Augusta Chronicle.

This person is planning to run for Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in Rockdale County as soon as the time comes up.

Do you want to elect this person to the highest office in Rockdale County? This position, the Chairman, has many privileges and responsibilities — appointments to jobs, and many other things; check duties of Chairman of Commission in Rockdale County.

Will you vote, ignoring that it is a privilege allowed us in this country, or will you make a thoughtful vote by considering this information and all information that you can gather.

This person's name is Oz Nesbitt; he is serving on the Board of Commissioners in Rockdale County presently.

Vote responsibly!


Carole Nailen

Rockdale County