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Letter: Walking the Walk
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Letter addressed to Commission Chairman Richard Oden and sent to The News: You may notice that this is not typed, as prior memos of March 9 and 19 - reason being I became aware that your title was indicated as "Commissar" Oden. Althought close to correct spelling, it is not correct. Therefore, I have terminated the service of my Administrative Assistant/Deputy Director of Communciations. I accept full responsibility for lack of attention to detail resulting in the term "Commissar" and will strive to prevent "Commissar" finding its way into any future memors. Should you see "Commissar" in any future memos, please  let me know so I can eliminate the title "Commissar."

Since the dollars distributed to the NSP Coordinator and Residential Enhancements Consulting are either/or Rockdale operating budget dollars or federal grant dollars their use must be a matter of public record. Attempts to obscure or hide this information obviously is not smart.

Since I have not received a fact based reply from you I had considered attending a BOC meeting to present the questions listed in the March 9 memo. I decided that this would likely result in you attempting to "lecture" me as you "performed/lectured" Sheriff Levett and Marty Jones last year. I am unwilling to tolerate this rude and  unprofessional behavior. You owe both gentlemen an apology for your childish tantrums. 

Citizens of Rockdale County deserve the facts concerning this matter- not diversionary rhetoric. I have heard you speak the word "transparency." Ok - you can "talk the talk" but have not proved you can "walk the walk."

I sincerely wish you continued good health.