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Letter: Transparency
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Dear Editor,

My name is Carole Nailen. Pretty unbelievable that first of all JaNice Van Ness and her sister give no concrete reasons for opposing Ebenezer United Methodist Church permit for their day care.

JaNice' sister said it best, something like "it would ruin our business." With JaNice calling and emailing opposing the day care permit and asking others to oppose it and the two other commissioners voting against the permit, no concrete reason was given; something was said like, "for the good of the community." What does that mean, another political response? JaNice, is this not a conflict of interest? Hopefully the Superior Court will override that decision made by the Board. Please Rockdale County wake up! We have the luxury of having a television station record the board meetings; listen up! Please.

The present Rockdale County Board of Commissioners is thumbing their noses at me and at you, us. Churches do play an important part in services offered to their members; food banks have been established there and full day day-care is needed there also. The members of these churches want their children to have an opportunity to have full day day care here in the church not anywhere else! And the churches are fully qualified.

Not only is "listening up" required from you the citizens but also, transparency from the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners, which is something your board is not anxious for you to have.

For instance, on school board meetings being televised, Josie Dean spoke to Jim McBrayer at a previous meeting to ask if he wanted the school board meetings to be televised. He said he thought it would cost the board in dollars. Not so; where is your representative? Do you want to have the school board meetings televised ? Incidentally, McBrayer is not some new kid on the block I believe he is the incumbent running for Rockdale County school board.

The Board is and has grown so accustomed to doing what pleases them that we the tax payers are being left out.
Suggestion: Make the commitment to stay informed; why don't you start by Googling your board of commissioners by name and find out who they are personally; when others speak listen up there are some very interesting things coming to light!

And, read the News for really in-depth reporting
Thank you for your time.

Carole Nailen
Rockdale County