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Letter to the Editor: SPLOST Oversight
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Dear Editor: We have had for about 20 years a SPLOST — Special Local Option Sales Tax. This 1 cent sales tax provided for specific items to be funded when approved by thev voters of Rockdale County. I understand that persons from out of county provide 30 to 35 percent of the revenues generated by this sales tax. It is nice to have this help.

We have always been very fortunate to have great citizen participation in the oversight of these tax funds. The citizen Oversight Committees are our assurance that the monies are being spent as we the voters have approved them to be spent.

The SPLOST monies can only be spent for the items that you vote on. They can not be used to hire full time county staff.

The Citizens Oversight Committee is broken into the functional sub-committee areas that you have voted for and they receive the recommendations from the County and Staff on what they think is needed to proceed. The Oversight Sub-Committees review these recommendations and make their recommendations to the full Oversight Committee for its approval and recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.

In the history of the SPLOST in Rockdale County, the recommendations of the SPLOST Oversight Committee have prevailed.

If you want accountability and assurance that the items funded by your SPLOST vote are carried out as the SPLOST Ballot provides for and you have confidence in the Citizens serving on the SPLOST Oversight Committees, vote 'yes' for the proposal.

If you feel that in the last twenty years that the funds have not been spent in accordance with the SPLOST Ballot proposals, vote 'no' on this proposal.

If you want to be a member of the Citizens Overview Committees, send an application to the Board of Commissioners asking to be appointed to this committee.

The commissioners, all three, are on record as favoring the continuation of the Citizens Oversight Committee.

Cary A. Bond