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Letter to the Editor: Public apology
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Dear Editor: I would like to make a public apology to the community.

On Monday, May 24, I stopped by Chick-fil-A on Georgia Highway 138 to get some breakfast after a doctor's appointment which had prevented me from eating because I had to fast. I parked and went inside.

When I came back out, I realized that I had parked in a handicapped parking space. I have no idea why I did not realize this because it is clearly marked as such.

I was terribly upset and embarrassed. Once I got to the police department, I had Captain Scott Freeman issue me a citation for handicapped parking (citation No. 115052). I also immediately paid the $288 fine associated with this violation.

I was in my City of Conyers issued vehicle, and this is not the image that I want to portray of myself, the Conyers Police Department or the City of Conyers. I sincerely apologize for this mistake and want it understood that I will hold myself and the Conyers Police to the same standards that we expect from the public we serve.

Again, I apologize to the community for this mistake.

With kind regards,

Gene Wilson
Conyers Chief of Police