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Letter to the Editor: New Appointment
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Dear Editor: I am writing this letter to the editor as a concerned registered voter in Rockdale County. The issue I will address is the Republican appointment of Jonny Brown to the position of Republican member of the Board of Elections. This appointment may not be illegal to appoint the husband of the dismissed Republican member but I feel it is extremely unscrupulous. Not to mention the fact the message the Republicans sent by doing this to the Hon. Sidney Nation implied they have total contempt for the Court and the Judge's ruling.

I am very curious who is making the decisions on this board for the Republican Party. Is it Jonny or is it Lynn? In my opinion Jonny Brown should have declined the appointment knowing it was unscrupulous besides being a slap in the face to the Court and Sidney Nation. I know everyone has an opinion but I think in good faith, the Republican Party should not have made this appointment to avoid unsavory scrutiny of the "newly appointed" Republican to the BOE who (as I stated earlier) is the spouse of the removed Republican representative.

In a closing note, I feel that Jonny Brown should step down as Republican representative to avoid just this type of unwanted questions of possible improprieties.


Michael Minkoff

Rockdale County