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Letter: Rockdale Young Republicans chartered
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Dear Editor: It is my pleasure to announce the Georgia Young Republicans approved the charter application from the Rockdale Young Republicans at its meeting in Atlanta last Saturday.

I am proud of the rich history of Rockdale and believe that the community’s best days are ahead. 

Rockdale witnessed a clean sweep of Republican candidates in every local race in the 2012 elections. It is the goal of the Young Republicans to see that conservative candidates seek public office in the future and with a successful outcome. The results last year could have been much different if the young people had been sought out and involved. There are thousands of potential untapped voters. They are our audience — our future members, and the difference in future elections.

We will be an organization that works to unite this community, not divide it by race. We reject any ideas or philosophies about planes, big or small, black or white. We want what is best for our county and that does not include racial hatred. It does include intelligent conversations with as many citizens of Rockdale county as possible about why our candidates are the best choice for this county. 

This community has presented us with many opportunities. To turn and walk away now is just not the right thing to do. In fact, it is cowardly. What has always made Rockdale great and still does is the people. 

The Rockdale Young Republicans will soon be getting to work organizing and putting in place a strategy for all future campaigns.  Sitting on our hands and calling liberals and their candidates derogatory names will never get our county back in order — back in the hands of conservatives. 

The Rockdale Young Republicans meetings are open to all ages. However, membership is reserved for 18-40 year olds.  Shauna Jaynes, a Kennesaw State University junior and South Rockdale resident is the chapter’s charter vice president.

For more information on upcoming events, go to 

Joseph Roberts
Rockdale Young Republicans