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Letter: RMC Cardiac Therapy a treasure
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I have always been a person who will give credit where credit is due. On February7, 2014, I had the horrible misfortune of having a massive heart attack and by the Grace of God and the powers to be, I am alive today to write this letter.

The heart specialist I now have wanted me to get cardiac therapy after my heart attack and I was unaware of where to get the needed therapy. His suggestion was that since I live in Rockdale County, I make use of the Cardiac Therapy section of Rockdale Medical Center.

I, like many others, did not even know this wonderful resource existed. Actually, they have been in existence since June 1, 1993. They started with about four or so clients and now their client list has swelled to over 100.
I started to go to the facility three days per week and am still going, getting better and stronger by the day. I actually look forward to going for two reasons. One, I am getting the needed therapy for my damaged heart and two, I totally enjoy going to a place that generates so much sincere care and dedication for all their patients.
This facility is located within the confines of Rockdale Medical Center right next to the Ambulance entrance. It is for anyone who for one circumstance or another has heart problems and is referred by their doctor or cardiologist. It is the only certified Cardiac Therapy facility in Rockdale County. The facility has one Registered Nurse and at least one exercise physiologist (which requires a four-year college degree) that are wonderful. They are very dedicated, caring, knowledgeable individuals who totally believe in what they do.

The facility does monitor your vital signs by way of attaching diodes to your body via computer telemetry and includes checking your blood pressure manually at least three times during your session to be sure everything is copasetic. If by any horrible chance, something is amiss, you are right there at the hospital where they can give you wonderful care.

In closing I would like to say, "Thank You, Rockdale Medical Center" for having such a wonderful resource and dedicated, caring staff for cardiac patients.

Michael Minkoff
Rockdale County