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Letter: Response to 'Outrage over no vote on Sunday voting'
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Dear Editor: In response to Tommy Plummer, acting Chair of the Rockdale Democratic Party, with regard to the letter of Friday, October 3, 2014 speaking of your members' "outrage," I shall counter with the truth.

Your delegation for Sunday voting did not offer any factual information but only relied on volatile emotion and yes of course, one of your advocates had to try the race card. This is a very old Saul Alinsky tactic; when there are not any facts on your side; try to muddy the waters of truth. However, the No- Sunday voting delegation did present facts concerning the sanctity of the Sabbath and arguments that less than 1 (one) percent of eligible voters utilize Saturday voting but the taxpayers pick up the bill for this wasteful loss. Absentee Ballots by Mail can be requested and sent to your official home address of record. Obviously, therein lays the rub. If you are no longer residing at the Rockdale residence, you will not be able to commit voter fraud by voting in a county where you no longer reside. During the last election, there were more cars in the Board of Elections parking lot tagged with out-of-state and other county tags than ones from Rockdale.

I would not be surprised if the progressives/socialists demand next to vote while they get their fast-food order. Many patriots died in battlefields for our right to vote; it is insulting and degrading to their memory and their sacrifice to speak about inconvenience.

Obviously, you are not aware the Board of Elections/Voter Registration's power is cumulative; no one member's vote carries more weight than the other two. Their operational guideline state, "All politics shall be left at the door."

Referencing your statement, "We will use the disrespect shown to many Rockdale citizens by the Board Chair.....", Mr. Todd and the full Board listened to, asked questions and weighed the statements but the motion died for lack of a second. Apparently, the lack of factual evidence was the deciding factor. Your threats concerning the use of intimidation to try to force your agenda is appalling. Note I stated appalling, not surprising.

In closing, for a person or group to charge others with "disrespect," I point directly to Obama and all in his administration. He has consistently shown his disrespect to our Constitution, our military, our longtime allies of Israel and the United Kingdom and his fiasco of forcing Obama-care, on us but not himself, that is destroying our great health-care system. His using of the acronym of "ISIL" versus "ISIS," all of which show his lack of care for our safety and his disconnect with Americans. Add into this abysmal mix of his confusion, his drowning of us with illegal aliens bringing Third World diseases, i.e. the unknown respiratory virus, rising cases of measles, mumps, whooping cough and now Ebola; smallpox will be showcased in your neighborhood soon. Our public schools cost taxpayers the majority of their property bills, are overwhelmed by children that do not speak English.

Enough is enough! Temper your rhetoric with common sense, learn the facts and in the future convey the truth.

Lynn I. Brown, Chair of the Rockdale Republican Party