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Letter: Response to Lynn Browns response
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Dear Editor: It’s October and we’re approaching Halloween. Across Rockdale County, scores of children of all ages will dress in costume and pretend to be someone/something that they are not. Most will be dressed as comic book characters or princesses and will be crying out “Trick or Treat.” 

My guess is that Lynn I. Brown, Chair of the Rockdale Republican Party, will dress in the costume of a patriot with powdered wig and tri-corner hat and will cry out the name “Saul Alinsky,” evoking images of communist takeover of our government. Ms. Brown’s truth is simple. She wants to reduce the ability of Rockdale citizens to vote, calling any effort to allow weekend voting a “wasteful loss.” She claims that “it is insulting and degrading” to the memory and sacrifice of our servicemen to allow more of our citizens to vote! My recollection is that we have fought wars and amended our Constitution for the freedom to vote. 

She argues that absentee ballots by mail are the only honest way to vote, claiming that a majority of voters on last election day were from out-of-state or from a county other than Rockdale. Where is her factual evidence? To whom did she report these illegalities? 

She concludes with a tirade against our president in which she blames him for “Third World diseases (the unknown respiratory virus, rising cases of measles, mumps, whooping cough and now Ebola; smallpox will be showcased in your neighborhood soon) and for our public schools which cost taxpayers the majority of their property bills and are overwhelmed by children that do not speak English.” 

I’ll not insult your readers by quoting all of her closing paragraph about “disrespect” but I will include her final sentence. “Enough is enough! Temper your rhetoric with common sense, learn the facts and in the future convey the truth.” 

Milt Longbottom

Rockdale County