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Letter: Outrage at no vote on Sunday voting
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Dear Editor: The Rockdale County Democratic Party is outraged by the action to deny its members the opportunity to vote on the issue of Sunday voting recently taken by the Rockdale County Board of Elections. 

In light of vows by Republican lawmakers to limit voter access to the polls by stripping the authority of counties to provide an early voting option on Sundays, it is imperative the Rockdale County board of elections bring to a vote and approve the measure to ensure voter access is protected in our county. 

In fulfilling our commitment to ensure equal voting access for all, we support all actions that increase citizens’ participation in the voting process, and demand each member of the elections board be made to vote on the measure. When faced with the decision to provide citizens additional opportunities to participate in one of our country’s most important exercises in civic engagement, we believe the recent obstructive actions taken by members of the board run contrary to ensuring full participation in the voting process. 

We will use the disrespect shown to many Rockdale citizens by the Board Chair, William Todd, to fuel an even stronger voter turnout.


Tommy Plummer, 

Chairman of the Rockdale County Democratic Party