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LES Pick of the Pride

Lorraine Elementary School announces its students of the month for August 2012. They are Taylor Mashburn, Dakota Melvin, Victoria Brown, A.J. Goodwin, Alex Rojas, Omar Welch, Noah Buchanan, Zack Phillips, Kara Anthony, Abigail Buchanan, Russell Davis, Isabelle Anderson, Raina Aiken, Keafer Haller, Grady Freeman, Kaselynn Mitchell, Anaiya McClendon, Parker Boggs, Brooke Brundage, Joshua Robinzine, Samae McIntosh, Laura Goldgar, Margaret Hwang, Justin Carter, Kevin Jarvis, Aaron Gill, Madison Wach, Caleb Buchanan, Philip Ivie, Saria Ford, Hayden Campbell, Kyler Martin, Neimah Thomas, Rana Dizon.