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In last week's paper we ran a story highlighting Rockdale County Supervisors' chairman Richard A. Oden's first 100 days in office.

If you missed it you can read it on

As a manager of a new position generally you are given a certain amount of time to make changes that that fit your style, change personnel sometimes and set the business tone that you as the manager will use to lead that company to success.
The same is true with politicians.

From the day Oden took office there has been a small group that has tried in every way to make his term as elected chairman unstable.

Fortunately for us here in Rockdale County, the new chairman has proven that group, mostly anonymous crybabies, wrong at every turn.

Coming into office the chairman has shown strength of character by going against tradition - he has kept and worked with the staff he has inherited, he also gives full credit to his predecessors for the accomplishments they have achieved and started in our county.

Instead of taking time to reinvent the wheel so to speak, he has reached out to people and asked for their ideas and opinions, he has used his staff wisely and he has kept himself above the fray.

Although we don't know what the next few years are going to bring for us here in Rockdale County, we do feel we have a good leader to guide us through those years.

We may not agree with all things the chairman wishes to accomplish , but we are more than willing to work together with him in continuing to help make Rockdale county a great place to live, do business and to raise a family.