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Last Words from the Community on the Closing of The Rockdale News
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The Rockdale News will be shutting its doors and printing its last edition on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Subscribers will receive a letter offering a choice of a refund on any unused portion of their subscription payment or donating that portion to a charity. For any questions on subscriptions, contact Circulation Director Amanda Ellington at or 770-728-1414.

"After six and a half years, this paper, facing the changing media habits and economic tides that challenge most community newspapers today, has made the tough choices that many businesses have had to make," said Editor Michelle Kim.

The Rockdale News, sister paper to The Covington News in Newton County, started April 4, 2009 publishing weekly on Saturdays and covering Conyers-Rockdale County, Ga.

Check for the last edition on Saturday, September 26, 2015 in any Publix grocery store in Rockdale or on stands.


Six and half years ago, when the idea of starting a new paper in Rockdale County made its way around the newsroom at the Covington News office, we could not have imagined the journey that would follow. When we toiled into the wee hours of the night to send the very first issue to the printer, little did we realize we were carving out our own little piece of Rockdale history. Even when, as the paper's first editor, my life took a different turn and I left the helm at the Rockdale News, did I understand what was in store for the publication. But what I did know then, and have had the pleasure to see come to fruition over the years, was that Michelle Kim was just the leader the paper needed to be as great as we all hoped.
Growing a paper is a labor of love. Late nights and early mornings are the norm; weekends are spent covering ribbon cuttings, football games, meetings, galas, performances, community service events or all of the above; and sharing the stories of those working to the make our community better is a responsibility not taken lightly by those who are entrusted to do so. I know that it has not always been easy, but the work you have done over the years has always been important.
To the staff of the Rockdale News, thank you for your service to our community. From the folks who began the journey to those who have the honor of crossing the finish line, job well done.
Tisa Smart Washington
Founding Editor, Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner

For five years, Rockdale News afforded me the privilege of covering this community.
Many of our subjects' work, struggles and triumphs served as a personal inspiration - many of them I, and our readers, would not have met without the forum The Rockdale News provided.
Those who work tirelessly to launch and foster a quality local paper are a distinct breed, and I'm better for knowing them - specifically, Michelle Kim and Pat Cavanaugh.
Jessica Smith, reporter/writer/columnist


The Rockdale News staff has always been easy to work with and are fair and balanced in their reporting. I will always fondly remember when Michelle Kim presented us a framed photo of the department's staff after we became a CALEA certified police agency. She knew we worked hard for that recognition and that was a nice gesture.
Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson

The most important thing I have learned being the CPD spokesperson is how vital it is to have a good relationship with the media, especially your local media. They will be there for big news, little news, bad news and good news. Michelle and Martin helped CPD promptly relay important messages to our citizens through email alerts and social media when we needed it most. And just as frequently printed the positive stories we believed the public would like to see. Thank you for helping us serve our public and you will be missed!
CPD Public Information Officer Kim Lucas

To Michelle and Rockdale News Family,
Needless to say that my heart was and is saddened to hear of the closing of such a valuable staple as the Rockdale News has been to our community. I feel as if a part of my community identity will be missing. You have been most gracious to me and to Macedonia Baptist Church. I reflect back on my very first pastoral interview with Rockdale News. You reached out to me as an official welcome wagon and provided me a platform to share my story of being the first woman to lead historic 139-year-old Macedonia Baptist Church. It is in your presence that I coined the phrase "there's a girl in the pulpit." For this I say thank you. In January 2013, when tragedy struck Conyers, Macedonia and our entire community you were right there. For this I say thank you. You open-heartedly became our voice to communicate the needs of the family who lost four children in this tragic house fire. For this I say thank you. Time and time again, you reached out and covered Macedonia and me. For this I say thank you. On Saturday, September 26, 2015 you will close your doors in Rockdale County and on Sunday, September 27, I will celebrate my 3rd Pastoral anniversary at Macedonia, I am proud to say that you have been on this journey with me. For this I say thank you. You will forever be a part of my story, a part of our story, a divine connection.
Billie Boyd-Cox, Senior Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church

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Felisha Hightower-Fleming Oh, wow. So sad to hear.

Crissy Summers I never knew why there was a Rockdale News and Rockdale Citizen?

Anita Jones always good to have competition and there is always bias having only 1 news source

Kari Allen Apted Just like there's a Newton Citizen and Covington News. Two different papers owned by two different companies.

Lindsey Nicole Freeman Why?!? How will I ever know when my highschool reunion is in 2017 if I can't go to the website then? Will heritage high email me or how will I find out, what's going on in my hometown this makes me sad

Amber Cross Nooooooooo cry emoticon

Debbie R Hillman You will be missed in the community! Thanks for being a beacon of light!

Kenny Wilson So goes most things now a days in Rockdale county.

Elaine Fulcher Prowell That's so sad you'll definitely be missed.

Jessica G Mims Well that sucks....

Deborah Odom Sorry to hear this.

Victoria Rose oh no, sorry to hear this I like your website. I appreciate the many times you published my pictures! I think you have the best coverage for local hometown news. Really hate that you guys have to shut it all down frown emoticon Best wishes to you in whatever comes next, after all it is a new season!

Alexis Capes Whaaaat???? You guys were always better than the citizen