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Jaguar contained a pound of marijuana
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At least four people, including a juvenile, were arrested when Conyers police stopped a Jaguar and found about a pound of marijuana inside.

On Feb. 5 a silver Jaguar made a sharp right turn into the Krystal's on Highway 138, causing a Conyers Police Officer to follow, leading to an arrest with about a pound of marijuana.

After leaving the Krystal's the officer followed to Oakland Ave., where the vehicle stopped at a residence. Upon seeing several traffic violations the officer turned on his emergency equipment and approached the driver's door.

He made contact with the driver, Abdul Nuwr Avery, where the officer "observed Avery was extremely nervous as I could see his hands flailing around a lot, jugular vein pulsing at a high rate, stuttering, voice conflictions from soft to loud ones and slight perspiration on the forehead/hair line."

According to reports, during the conversation, the officer smelled the odor of raw (green) marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle. The officer asked Avery had any drugs inside and he said no.

The officer ordered the passengers to get out of the vehicle as well, and back seat passenger Dewanta Trendise Franklin kicked over a Bud Light beer bottle as they were getting out of the car. As the content poured out Franklin said "I'll take the beer charge."

Another backseat passenger, a juvenile, was ordered to exit the vehicle. After giving consent to be searched, according to reports, the officer smelled alcohol on his breath. The officer then patted his pant legs and felt an abnormal lump making a crunching sound.

The officer asked if the lump was marijuana and the suspect stated it was marijuana.

According to reports the recovered marijuana was large clear plastic sandwich bag containing about 16 individually packaged marijuana sandwich bags, later found to weigh about 16.6 grams each and 95 individual bags weighing about 5 grams each. 

The officer then had cause to search the vehicle and found an open container of Bud Light, cigar wrappers throughout the vehicle and burgundy sports bag on the floorboard. The burgundy bag contained a large quantity of individual packaged clear plastic bags of marijuana one digital scale silver, one box of 80 count sandwich bags and marijuana shake all through the bag.

Cooper and Franklin placed under arrest for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Franklin was also charged with having an open container of alcohol.

Avery was charged with posession of marijana with intent to distribute and a warrant out of Cobb county.