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House 90 incumbent wins 5th term
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Representative Pam Stephenson will be returning to the capitol for a fifth term after defeating Democratic challenger Scott Hughes in the primary.

By receiving 79 percent of the vote, the incumbent's 6,035 votes readily trumped first-time candidate Hughes' 1,593 votes. Stephenson said she will continue her work on legislation aimed at improving education, healthcare and the Hope scholarship program.

In a statement released Wednesday, Hughes congratulated his opponent and said he plans to try again in two years.

"I'm very, very satisfied with how we crossed the finish line in this race," Hughes said. "Over 1500 voters cast their ballots for us, and for that I am humbled and grateful. We didn't have to compromise our faith, morals, or principles. And having entered this race at the last minute as an 'unknown' in politics, with relatively very little money, very little staff (my wife), and very little organization... we still made a nice sized ripple in the political pond."