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HOFBG forum
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Dear Editor: On Dec. 3, a recently surfacing community-based organization presented a prepared presentation worthy of a Community Access time slot on Channel 23. Don Meyer, an organizer of a citizens' group Homeowners for Better Government moderated a presentation to approximately 60 individuals.

Overall observations include kudos for the presentation. The fear (potential increased county property tax) is the essence of concerned voters. Even though there is an acknowledgement that "we are all in this together," there remains partisan, self-serving, special interest that prompts a "not my child" syndrome.
Pertinent observations included the orderliness of the presentation that began to digress as the Q&A was initiated. Some elected official sounded as an echo chamber in response to each others' comment - a bit of unique grandstanding, special interest and self serving nuance was apparent. The presenting organization's being of partisan persuasion surfaced. This is not a negative observation unless the ultimate goal is for and on behalf of other than all citizens of Rockdale County.

What say you, voters with inquiring minds? Do you support expenditures of tax dollars without absolute, empirical, documented, independent, audited accountability? An independent fiscal and organizational audit of every unit of Rockdale County Government is overdue by decades. The hiring of a professionally experienced grant writer would be a "goose that lays golden eggs," but only elected officials that put the welfare of all citizens first, will insure our survival, empirical audits and productive growth.

Lewis Belcher
Rockdale County