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Heritage student arrested after assaulting teacher
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A Conyers teenager is custody after allegedly punching his teacher Friday morning.

Heritage High School student Jamal Brinson, 18, is accused of attacking his teacher after Brinson believed she was going to call his father, who is hospitalized, to inform him of his misconduct in class.

According to the deputy's report, Brinson confronted his teacher about calling his father. He became more upset and overturned several desks in the classroom. He then approached his teacher and pushed her out of her chair causing her to "fall back against the wall."

Then, Brinson allegedly punched his teacher several times before being restrained by another student in the classroom. He was held until administrative staff arrived.

Brinson made the statement that he lost his "cool" due to stress because his father was in the hospital. He stated he regretted what he did and was sorry for his actions.

Brinson is currently in the Rockdale County Jail and faces a charge of battery.

The teacher, who reportedly declined medical treatment after the assault, has worked in the Rockdale County Public School system for six years. She is certified to teach special education for elementary, middle and high schools and English for middle and high schools.

A school system spokesperson declined to say whether Brinson was a special education student, citing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.