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Health Bill vote
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In 1997 Rockdale County was gerrymandered into the Fourth Congressional District.
From that date on Rockdale County has had little or no real representation in Congress.

That was evident Sunday when Fourth District Congressman Hank Johnson, walking lockstep with the current administration, voted yes for a health bill that if enacted as proposed would destroy not only many businesses that sustain our area but will put young people and seniors in dangerous peril of having inadequate or no health care.

This bill would also allow the federal government to control every aspect of what is left of our freedoms.

We didn't expect less, actually. If this current administration asked Johnson to jump off the Washington Monument for them, we have no doubt he would do it and tell them thank you on the way down.

Johnson should be ashamed to foist this Health Bill on his constituents; we doubt very seriously that if he had to live by its provisions instead of the gravy train health benefits he currently receives, he would have voted no for the bill.