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Hats Off For Christ

What makes a Christian woman’s beauty? That question was posed at the Crowns of Glory hat show this past Saturday hosted by Bald Rock Baptist Church’s pastoral ministry. The mothers of the church, decked out in their finest and fanciest hat attire, showed off their best graces in an informal fashion show. Adorned with rhinestones, satin and feathers, the hats presented came in all colors, shapes and sizes. Minister Ethel Gibson, the mistress of ceremony, kept the ladies fired up with delightful banter. In a surprise turn of events, the men stepped up to strut their stuff in their debonair hats. Deacon Calvin Green showed off two “Derby-esque” straw hats, while Pastor Christopher Shipp left the women in stitches with his quick, but humorous runway walk. At the end of the day, the ladies got to share in a bit of fun, faith and fellowship, demonstrating as Sister Jean Hughley so eloquently put, that these Christian women “have God within their heart.”