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Going Global

The Braves might have left Turner Field, but just across from The Ted is something even more magnificent right now – the Global Winter Wonderland! I saw it the other day while driving in Atlanta and I was immediately excited. There are dinosaurs, lots of lights, fun carnival games – just about anything you could ask for. You can learn how to make lanterns, visit famous landmarks from New York to Egypt and ride a Ferris wheel, all without leaving Georgia! When the lights go out in the city (yep, totally a Journey reference) everything it lit up like Christmas, making it super cool to check out the giant dinosaurs and Eiffel Tower. I’ve never actually been, so I can’t give you my word that it’s super fun or anything, but it totally looked like something you should check out. I know I will.

Price: $16.99-$24.99 (children 4 and under are FREE)