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Giving Thanks
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As we celebrate the fine tradition of Thanksgiving this year, we have a chance to hark back to the practices of our founding fathers.

The times of early settlement were bleak often; the tomorrows looked impossible to overcome.

In spite of their difficulties, our forefathers still took the time to thank God for their blessings, as meager as they might have been.

Today some of our friends or neighbors may feel exactly like those first pioneers. But just as those early settlers found the time to thank God for the blessings they did have, we hope you and your family will take the time to thank our God for food to eat (or places that will provide you with food) and a warm place to rest.

We also can thank our God for allowing us to celebrate this special day of thanks in peace - a peace provided by thousands of men and woman serving in our armed services around the world, sacrificing their warm places of family and love.

If you are traveling to be with loved ones, we wish you safe journey.

If you are troubled by being out of work or trying your best to make ends meet, we wish you a special peace and future blessings.

We at The Rockdale News are grateful to each of you who advertise with us or read our publications because without you, there would be no Rockdale News.

We are proud that we have a community that cares about each other and the less fortunate. Yes, we do have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season and it's not just having a full plate in front of us; it's having each other and having a place like Rockdale County to call home.

That alone is worth all the thanks in the world.