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Gifts to rev auto lovers' engines
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Auto lovers tend to consider their cars their most prized possessions. While it may not be possible to buy the auto lover on your holiday shopping list a new car, there are many gifts that are sure to please those people who can't get enough time behind the wheel or in the garage.

* Global positioning system: Often referred to as a GPS, a global positioning system is a satellite-based navigation system providing location information no matter where drivers find themselves on their next road trips. If a GPS is within range of a GPS satellite, drivers will never again find themselves pulling over on the sides of roadways in an effort to find out just where they are. Though many new vehicles come with GPS, vehicle manufacturers tend to offer them as accessories and not standard features. So if your favorite driver is driving an older vehicle or did not splurge on a GPS when purchasing his latest ride, this gift is sure to please.

* Car wash kit: Auto lovers not only love to get behind the wheel, but they also love to get behind the wheel of a good-looking automobile. A car wash kit, complete with a wash and wax that repels water and protects a good polish, is an ideal gift for auto enthusiasts who like their vehicles to look as good as they drive.

* Customized floor mats: Many auto enthusiasts consider their cars an extension of themselves, and a customized accessory, like a new set of floor mats, can add a personal touch to drivers' rides. If your loved one has a special nickname for his or her vehicle, consider inscribing that nickname on a set of customized floor mats. Auto enthusiasts who have an equal passion for a certain sport may appreciate floor mats with the logo of their favorite team.

* Hands-free headset: Car lovers spend lots of time in their cars. Though such time might once have afforded auto enthusiasts an escape from the daily grind, nowadays the prevalence of smartphones has made it easier than ever for the outside world to find its way into vehicles. As a result, auto enthusiasts may appreciate a hands-free headset that allows them to take calls while driving without compromising their concentration on the road. Some hands-free devices even allow drivers to stream music from their smartphones directly to their car stereos, allowing drivers to hit the open road while enjoying their favorite tunes.

* Auto show tickets: Many auto-lovers keep an open eye for their next vehicle purchase. Auto shows are often the best places to learn about new vehicles and what motorists can expect in the future, so why not give your favorite car guy or gal tickets to an upcoming auto show? He or she may find his or her next vehicle or simply enjoy walking around and seeing all the latest automotive industry upgrades and gadgets.