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GameStop suspect enters guilty plea
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The final suspect arrested in the GameStop robbery turned murder last year was sentenced to 40 years, to serve 20, in Rockdale County Superior Court on Friday.

Giovannte Maddox, 28, of Atlanta, entered a guilty plea to charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping.  

He was sentenced by Judge David Irwin to 40 years, to serve 20. No statements were given from Maddox and no family members from the victim or defendant attended the plea hearing

Co-defendants Tron Hill, 26, and Markus Seymore, 18, previously also pled guilty, receiving sentences of life plus five years and life without parole, respectively. 

Attorney Robert Mumford, who was appointed to represent Maddox, pointed out his client was unarmed and was the person assigned to scope out the store before Hill and Seymore entered it for the armed robbery. Maddox also reportedly cooperated with police during the investigation.

A customer, Adrian Snow, 40, was shot twice when he walked in on the November 2010 armed robbery and died from his wounds in the hospital.

Maddox was left by Hill and Seymore when they fled after the shooting, but was called back to the car when it stopped running not far from the GameStop store. 


Wendy's robbery suspects sentenced


Three of the six suspects arrested in connection to the June 2010 armed robbery of a Wendy’s on Ga. Highway 138 entered guilty pleas in Rockdale County Superior Court on Friday.

Randall Lee Peterson, 22, of Alpharetta, Javonte Terrel Jackson, 20, of Conyers, and Calvin Leon Chambers Jr., 23, of Atlanta were all sentenced by Judge David Irwin to 15 years, to serve 10, for armed robbery and burglary.

In court, Jackson described how his aunt worked at a Wendy’s and knew what time the deposits were taken to the bank. He described his participation as mentioning the information and later seeing the $600 that was stolen split up among the participants. He told the court he received $20.

Chambers described to the court how he had never met the two men that robbed the Wendy’s until that night. He said he knew one person in the group, Randal Lee Peterson, and had joined thinking they were going out clubbing. Only when suspects Markus Seymore, who previously pled guilty, and Jamal Junayd Woods, came back to Chambers’ car “huffing and puffing” with blood on them and a money bag did he realize what happened.

Chambers dropped his cell phone at the scene that night and it was the phone that led Conyers police to him. 

Chambers’ attorney, Stephanie Palmer, said her client had no criminal record, was a master barber gainfully employed, and had been a model of cooperation throughout the investigation and case.

Irwin asked why Chambers didn’t call the police after he realized a robbery had occurred. “It would have made 10 years worth of difference in  your life,” said Irwin quietly. “Whether we like it or not, we are judged by the company we keep.”

“I didn’t know how to go about the situation,” said Chambers. “It was over my head at that point.”