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Float like a butterfly
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John Keats once said that he wished humans were butterflies she that they could fill their summer days “with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.” If you agree with Keats, then you’ll almost have the chance to experience life as a butterfly by being completely surrounded by them this weekend at the Flying Colors Butterfly Festival at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Want to see a junkload of live butterflies released? You can totally do that. You can also walk through a butterfly exhibit where more than 200 butterflies just chill and fly around, doing their butterfly thing. What that says to me is there is definite potential for some one-on-one butterfly action. You can also do crafts, get your face painted like a butterfly or caterpillar, construct a fairy house, and participate in a costume parade or, if you’re a grownup who doesn’t have a predilection for wearing butterfly wings (boring!), then you can just buy a plant that butterflies like to come sip from, and plant it in your yard. Like any other good southern festival, there will be food and drink, booths with trinkets to purchase and live music.


Price: $8-$12