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Fleeing man caught with pot
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A Conyers man was arrested Nov. 12, with a bulging pocketful of cash and marijuana at the Bank of America parking lot on Highway 138.

According to Conyers Police Department reports, Devin Nathaniel Wicker, 20, was spotted by police at around 8:25 p.m., walking across the parking lot, when he suddenly broke into a sprint and headed towards the rear of the bank. When officers caught up with Wicker, they asked him why he was running. Wicker responded that he was going to get something to eat at the Piccadilly Restaurant.

While talking to Wicker, officers noticed an odor of burnt marijuana coming from him and asked Wicker if he had been smoking marijuana. Wicker admitted that he had been about an hour earlier. Officers then noticed a strong smell of raw marijuana as well. They asked if he had any marijuana on him, which Wicker denied having. Officers noticed Wicker's pockets were bulging and asked Wicker if he had any illegal narcotics on him, which Wicker denied again.

Officers asked Wicker to show the contents in his pockets. Wicker then pulled out a large amount of cash and a bag of marijuana. When officers advised Wicker to place his hands behind his back and told him that he was under arrest for possession of marijuana, Wicker tried to run. After a brief foot chase and struggle with police, he was arrested and taken into custody on charges of possession of marijuana less than one ounce, obstruction of officer (misdemeanor), obstruction of officer (felony), and for two additional warrants for arrest from Rockdale and Newton counties. In addition to the bag of marijuana, police seized two cell phones and more than $500