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Failed false identity and meth charge in arrest
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A Conyers man who tried to pass himself off as another man 20 years younger than him was arrested after deputies found methamphetamine and marijuana in his truck and a felony drug posession charge under his real name.

A man, later identified as Thomas Jack Strickland, 62, was pulled over on Feb. 22, around 10:30 a.m.while driving south on Milstead Avenue, near Sigman Road in an older model Ford 150 for not having his seat belt on.

When the deputy approached, Strickland opened the truck door and said he didn't have his driver's license on him but gave a social security card with the name Wyman Eugene Heath, according to a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office report.

"I noticed he was very nervous and he was moving around in the seat a lot," wrote the reporting deputy. A male and female passenger got out of the truck and were asked to stand to the side.

When the deputy asked for the date of birth, the driver said it was December 21.

"I asked him for the year and he said he did not know it. I asked him how old he was and he said 42. I looked at the driver and he seemed to be older than 42 years of age," wrote the deputy.

The deputy looked down and saw a small plastic bag with a "white crystal like substance" that appeared to be methamphetamine.

Another deputy placed the driver under arrest. A cigarette carton on the driver's side floor of the truck also contained a small bag of marijuana.

Deputies also found a medium-sized glass pipe in a bag of clothes that belonged to a passenger and a hypodermic needle in the back of the truck.

By this time, deputies had found a picture of the man identified as Wyman Health. "The subject I had in custody did not look like Wyman Heath," wrote the reporting deputy. One of the passengers told deputies the driver was Tommy Strickland.

Strickland also reportedly had a warrant in Rockdale for felony posession of methamphetamine.

Strickland was charged with posession of methamphetamine, posession of less than one ounce of marijuana, no seat belt, and giving a false identity to law enforcement.