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Editorial: Preventable Tragedy
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This summer has been a brutally hot in Georgia this year, and with hot weather comes danger.

We were deeply saddened and troubled to hear about the death of a Conyers Police K9 officer, Zane, a Bloodhound. Zane was found dead after being left in his handler’s car for 10 hours. 

As we await the findings of the investigation, we take this moment to remind everyone transporting children or animals to thoroughly check before you leave your car. 

We have seen on numerous occasions people leaving their young children and pets in cars as they run into a convenience store. In these cases the car was left running so the air conditioner was on, we presume.

But this practice is dangerous in itself as your running car could be stolen or jump out of gear. It only takes a few minutes to unbuckle your child to take them in with you; yes they might raise such a ruckus you wish you’d never stepped outside your home, but keep mind this is one of those things that is just not worth fudging. For your pet, keep a leash to take the animal with you if you leave the car. 

Everyone has a lot going on; people work long hours, have an impossible schedules, and with cell phones, it’s easier than ever to be distracted. 

But bottom line - children and animals depend on you for their care and protection. They cannot do for themselves so we must do for them.

Don’t be a tragic headline. This summer, stay alert and protect that great gift that’s in your care.