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Eclectic arts

This time of year you’d be hard pressed to NOT find a weekend in Atlanta where there’s a festival going on. Everyone’s gearing up for fall and what better way to do that, then by checking out the Atlanta Arts Festival this weekend? You can spend what is telling me will be a lovely weekend in one of the prettiest parks around, and you can get a jump start on Christmas – yeah, I said it, do something – by getting your loved ones some amazingly cool gifts that you aren’t going to pick up on Amazon or at Target. You’ll also have food and music, because it wouldn’t be a southern festival without those two things. And the art is always amazing. You might not think everything is your cup of tea – I never do – but there is certainly something there for everyone’s taste. Festivals are also perfect people watching events, and if you’ve ever read this newsletter before, you know I am all about the people watching. It’s like an event within an event for me. If you’d like to thank me for letting you know about such an amazing and FREE event, I’ll gladly accept presents.

Price: FREE!