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Eastminster School History Fair
Seventh graders Bryanna Gosse and Paige Friend - photo by Submitted Photo

Eastminster School’s 2014 History Fair on Feb. 28 looked at the theme of “Rights and Responsibilities in History.” Exhibits included “The Berlin Wall,” “Die Hitlerjügend: The Civic Impact of Youth Organizations in the Third Reich,” “The British East India Company,” “Rights Trampled: Andrew Jackson versus the Cherokee Nation,” “The Decolonization of the British Empire.” Performances included “The Great Railroad Strike of 1877: Workers’ Rights, Government Responsibilities,” “The Indian Removal Act: Rights Taken from the Five Civilized Tribes.” Students even made a website, “The Criminal Justice System in the Past Fifty Years” and documentaries, “Everyday life in the Third Reich: Rights and Responsibilities within Nazi Germany compared to the Weimar Republic” and “Frontier Suffrage: Political Enfranchisement of Women in the Wyoming Territory,” “The Trail of Tears.”

Pictured: (Left) Sixth graders Jordan Brown, Helen Garcia-Carreras, Tommy Nguyen;

(Right) Eighth grader Lily Jackson.