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Easter Bunny Helpers
Conyers First United Methodist Ladies prepare Easter treats for members who just need a touch of grace.
At a time when many people were thinking about what the Easter bunny might bring to them, a group of generous folks at Conyers First United Methodist Church pitched in to help the floppy-eared fellow.

Debbie Golden, director of evangelism and church membership said her church just has a big heart.

"About three weeks ago, we were thinking about shut-ins, nursing home residents or those who just need a "touch of grace" this season."

Marguerite Brooks, chairperson for the church's altar guild, and Bonny Bryant, with the missions' committee helped get the project started with their handmade bookmarks and gifts.

Sunday school classes and individual members started bringing things in. Before they knew it, the group had assembled over 75 baskets.

Renee Farrar, executive minister to the senior ministers praised her fellow members' talent.

"Anytime you need something beautiful, just call on Marguerite and Bonny."
Gail Haney, who is in charge of lay involvement, an adult ministry in missions, said everyone just stepped up.

"We had about half a dozen ladies helping us. All of our items have been donated."

And, the ladies added, there's no need to worry about how to get them delivered. There is already another crew of volunteers that will take care of that, too.