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Deputy fired after hosting party with drugs, underage drinking
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A detention deputy with the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office was terminated after hosting a party at his home where at least five arrests were made for underage drinking and drug use was reportedly occuring.

Spencer Waye, 21, of Conyers, was terminated by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office late Saturday evening after RCSO deputies responded to his residence this morning to break up a large party. Shortly after midnight on Nov. 30, an anonymous 911 call was received reporting that was there was a large party on Fox Street off of Waterside Drive. The anonymous caller also reported that there was also drug use taking place at the party.

Responding deputies arrived to the area to find a large number of cars in the street, which blocked the patrol cars from being able to get to the house where the party was being hosted. As soon as deputies arrived, people started to run back into the home and shut the doors to the house.

Although deputies found no drugs, deputies reported that they could smell the odor of burnt marijuana in an around the house. After conducting an initial on scene investigation, it was determined that Spencer Waye, a RCSO detention deputy, was the homeowner and host of the party. Deputies ‘closed down' the party and several arrests of teens and young adults were made for underage drinking. At least one teen had reportedly passed out.

"Due to the seriousness of this incident and the fact it involved an RCSO detention deputy, the Office of Professional Standards commander responded out to the scene of the incident," said Chief Deputy Scott Freeman. "Waye was immediately placed on administrative leave at the scene and his badge and departmental identification were removed from his possession. Late this evening, the Office of Professional Standards concluded the administrative portion of the internal affairs investigation and briefed me on the facts of this incident. After reviewing the information provided by OPS, and hearing Waye's version of events, I terminated Waye's employment from the RCSO for numerous policy violations

Freeman continued, "The responding deputies did not arrest Waye at the scene; however, criminal charges have not been ruled out. We have moved swiftly to deal with the administrative portion of this incident, and we will now focus on the criminal aspect of the case."

The next step, said Freeman, is to request the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conduct a criminal investigation to determine if any criminal charges can be made against Waye. "By having the GBI conduct the investigation, we can ensure our citizens that we will continue to hold ourselves to the highest levels of transparency and accountability that the public deserves," said Freeman.