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Dancing the night away

At their first annual Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Spring Dance, Lorraine Elementary School students and parents had Friday Night Fever.

A few of the comments overheard that night include:

Second-grader Justin Byrd said, “I love showing everyone my moves!”

First-grader Lauren McWilliams said, “I’m really enjoying dancing the night away with Daddy.” Her sister, fifth-grader Rachel McWilliams concurred. “It’s my best date ever with Daddy.”

First grader Reed Lawrence said, “My mom looks so pretty, and the gym and cafeteria look so cool.” PTO “glamorizer” Phyllis Durr created an incredible balloon arch that helped transform the cafeteria into a magical land of refreshments.

After he put in his request for “I’ve Got a Feeling by Black Eyed Peas, with DJs and moonlighting teachers Cheryl Trowell and Amber Vess, first-grader Alex Zahradnik said, “Mooom, let’s boogie!”

First-grader Rylan Kato said, “It’s the best night of my life!”

The night’s proceeds will go towards the purchase of new trophy display cases to showcase many of the Lions' accomplishments.