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Crime Briefs: Seeing moons and stars in Rockdale
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It was a full moon - or moons - in Rockdale Sunday night as two men were arrested for public indecency after being caught pulling down their pants and mooning motorists. One suspect reportedly knocked himself out running into a tree as he attempted to flee.

Deputies were called around 10:30 p.m. June 22 near the corner of Smyrna Road and Klondike Road in Rockdale. Callers had reported two men were pulling down their pants and showing their assets to passing motorists.

"After getting closer, I was able to confirm that it was in fact two white males standing next to the roadway. One of the males appeared to have his belt unfastened on his pants," wrote reporting Deputy John Haynie.

As the deputy approached, one suspect, Robert Brandon Richards, 21, of Loganville remained where he was.
But the other suspect, Mitchell Alan Knoph, 22, of Oxford, took off running.

"I followed Mr. Knoph and witnessed him enter the woods, then lost sight of him. Due to being unfamiliar with the area, I waited on another officer to arrive before I entered the woods," wrote reporting deputy.

When another deputy arrived, they reportedly found Knoph about 20 to 30 yards in the woods, flat on his back, appearing very disoriented and not responding to orders to put his hands on his head.

When they put him under arrest, they noticed a large abrasion on Knoph's forehead and side of his head, as well as scratches around his face and neck.

"It appeared he may have run into a tree while fleeing," wrote Haynie.

At the Rockdale County jail, Knoph measured a 0.10 on the Breathalyizer test for blood alcohol content.

Traffic stops lead to arrests for drugs, stolen car

Rockdale deputies staying alert during routine traffic stops turned up a stolen car and a stash of hidden cash, drugs and guns Monday afternoon on Interstate 20.

Around 5 p.m., deputies with the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office Criminal Interdiction Unit spotted a vehicle with broken brake lights and pulled it over.

During the stop, the deputy allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the car. A search turned up a small bag of marijuana, crack cocaine, a Glock handgun and several thousand dollars in cash.

The driver, Allen Treymayne, 39, of Forest Park was already a convicted felon and now faces multiple drug, gun and traffic charges.

Another car was stopped a short time later on Interstate 20, around 5:30 p.m., for following too closely and tailing the car in front.

When the deputy checked the vehicle's tag, it was discovered to be stolen out of Atlanta from February 2014.

The driver, Tiffany Rochelle McCloud, 33, of Covington, faces charges of theft by receiving, driving without a valid license, following too closely and giving a false name to a law enforcement officer.