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Crime Briefs: RCSO arrests two for drive-by shooting
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Two Conyers men are in behind bars for allegedly performing a drive-by shooting last Sunday, Feb. 8.

Joe Hobson, Jr., 22, and Sammuel Reshrod Anderson, 24, are being charged with five counts of aggravated assault for allegedly firing gunshots at 33-year-old male.

Around 3:30 p.m. that afternoon, the male and his older sister went to their mother's house on Fawn Court. His sister dropped him off "up the street" from their mother's house so Roberts could see a friend, according to the deputies report.

"While (he) was walking in the neighborhood, a subject named Nicholas approached him and made the comment, ‘Hey, J.J. wants to shoot you up," the deputy wrote in the report. "(He) replied he wasn't studying that nonsense."

When the 33-year-old left the friend's house he made his way to his mother's house. After that exchange, he and his sister headed to a house located on White Oak Court.

When his sister dropped him off at the house and as the 33-year-old was just about to open the front door to the house, he noticed a maroon Monte Carlo driving down the street. He recognized Hobson and Anderson in the vehicle, according to the deputy report.

"(The victim) removed his jacket because he thought he was ready for a physical fight with Joe Hobson," the deputy wrote. "Joe Hobson (allegedly) pulled out a handgun and started firing at (the victim) as he approached the front porch area."

The victim said about five shots were fired, with a few hitting the ground and the other shots hitting the house, which had four children all under the age of 12 inside, located in the home at White Oak Court. No one was injured during the incident.

Anderson, the supposed driver, was arrested the following day, on Feb. 9, after authorities followed him while he was driving a maroon Monte Carlo with a yellow rear, the same vehicle that was described in the shooting a day prior.

Hobson, who deputies believe to be the shooter in this incident, was arrested Thursday. He was found by U.S. Marshalls "hiding out" in the Gulf American Inns in DeKalb County, says Camp.

A drive-by shooting is rare in the Rockdale County.

"We don't get it hardly ever," said Camp. "That's why we dedicated so many resources to this case. We take that very seriously."

Drug activity isn't presumed to be behind the shooting. The 33-year-old male told the deputies Hobson shot at him "over a girl," says Camp.

Hobson, who was just released on bond from the Rockdale County Jail on Feb. 6, was in jail for possession of a firearm or knife while attempting to commit a felony, possession and use of drug related items, possession of controlled IV substance and other charges.

Anderson has two previous arrests in Rockdale County from 2010 and 2013.

Both suspects are back in Rockdale County Jail for their charges.


Salem student arrested for having BB shotgun on campus

A Salem High School student was arrested for have a weapon in his possession while on school grounds Wednesday, Feb. 11.

 Kardarius Latimore, 17, had a BB shotgun in the trunk of his car, which was parked in the Salem High School, 3551 Underwood Road, Conyers, parking lot.

Salem Assistant Principal Rodney Williams checked Latimore’s vehicle after two 16-year-old students alleged Latimore pointed a black shotgun at them  and shouted, “Ya’ll don’t want it,” the day prior, according to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office deputy report.

According to the report, the two students were going to fist fight Latimore after school because he pulled the gun out on them the previous day.

One of the students stated they were going to fight Latimore the previous day because “he was talking junk,” according to the report.

“When they arrived at the school's parking lot, they told (Latimore) to meet them in the South Gate neighborhood to fight because they didn't want to get suspended,” the deputy wrote. “(The two students) acknowledged that (Latimore) drove around them in his white car and pointed a shot gun at them, cocked it, and said, ‘Y'all don't want it.’”

The two students described the weapons as a black shotgun. No shots were fired, but the two students wanted “handle the situation themselves at school,” according to the report.

Williams feared Latimore stilled had the weapon in his possession. When confronted about the situation, Latimore gave Williams his car keys to check to see if the weapon was in there.

“(Latimore) stated that he does have a BB shotgun in the trunk of his white car, but he never pulled it out at nobody,” the deputy wrote in the report. “We all went to (Latimore’s) car where the bb gun was located in the trunk. The gun matched the description of what (the two students) described.”

When asked how they would know what the gun looked like if he never pulled it out, Latimore stated the two boys were standing by his car in the parking lot when he got out of school and could’ve seen the bb gun because it was in his back seat at the time.

Latimore was arrested on the scene for having the BB gun in his possession and was taking to the Rockdale County Jail.