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Creepy crawl
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 Zombies are in right now. You thought vampires and Christian Grey were popular, but they pale in comparison to the obsession with zombies – which you can blame on “The Walking Dead” and the disgustingly adorable Daryl, who no self-respecting woman would ever date if he wasn’t a zombie-fighting machine with an awesome poncho. So pull out your rankest poncho and paint your faces as creepy as you can to take part in the annual Zombies and Brews event. Buy tickets for Saturday and wander around East Atlanta to several different bars where you can try different drinks, have a few dances, and munch on some brains if you’re so inclined. At the end of the night, the king and queen of the zombies will be crowned, which sounds absolutely magnificent. So get your behinds to East Atlanta and make sure that your makeup is on point. Make sure you’re in it to win it, because as we learned in “Talladega Nights,” if you’re not first you’re last. This counts with zombie contests too, people.

Price: $20