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Crack found hidden in body of suspect
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A Conyers man was found attempting to destroy crack cocaine hidden between his buttocks after the smell of marijuana from his car caught the attention of an officer.

Demetrius Deon Price, 21, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and booked in to the Rockdale County jail.

On the Dec. 23 around 9 p.m., a Conyers Police Department Officer drove up behind a PT Cruiser at a stoplight on Old Salem Road and Ga. Highway 138 when he noticed the strong smell of marijuana. According to the police report, there were no other cars around.

When the light turned green, the PT Cruiser stayed for about 10 seconds before making a right onto Ga. Highway 138. The officer followed and could again smell marijuana when the PT Cruiser made a U-turn.

The vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the SunTrust bank and the officer approached, speaking to the driver and Price, who was a passenger.

“The passenger (later identified as Demetrius Price) stated they did not have anything on them but had just finished smoking marijuana in the car,” wrote the officer.

The officer asked to search Price, and noticed Price began looking around anxiously.

“I believed Price was looking for an opportunity to run so I placed Price in handcuffs,” wrote the officer.

“I continued to search Price and noticed he had what I believed to be a baggie stuck in between his buttocks. I asked Price what he had stuck in there and he replied ‘Where?’ I told Price I knew he had something stuck in his butt, and he said he a bag of weed. I asked Price how big the bag was and he said it was a dime bag.”

The officer transported Price to the Rockdale County jail to conduct a search and retrieve the bag. The back seat of the car was checked to make sure there was nothing present before Price was placed in the patrol car, according to reports.

“While en route to the jail Price was moving around a lot,” wrote the officer. “I asked him what he was doing and he said he was uncomfortable on the hard seat. When we arrived at the jail and I assisted Price out of the vehicle I noticed a white powder substance in the back seat.”

“I asked Price what the substance was and he mumbled inaudibly. I asked if he was trying to destroy crack cocaine and he said 'Yeah.' I asked if he had any marijuana on him or if it was crack and he said it was crack.”

The officer and jail deputies found three small rocks of crack cocaine and two small bags of powder.

Price was booked in to the Rockdale County jail.