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Court Roundup: Sanders denied new trial
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IN BRIEF: A man convicted for murder last year for killing a bystander in a crash while fleeing after committing an armed robbery was denied a motion for a new trial today in Rockdale County Superior Court.

Eric Crawford, the attorney for defendent Torrence Sanders, argued that his client should be granted a new trial because of violations of the "golden rule" - or asking a jury to place themselves in the shoes of the victim - by the district attorney during opening statement and closing arguments by pointing out that this incident could have happened to anyone. 

Crawford also argued that the different phases of the incident, including flight and escape, should have not havbe been included in the case.

The district attorney Richard Read pointed out that the defense attorney had not objected during the trial and argued that in light of overwhelming evidence, including DNA and witness identification, that violations of the "golden rule" would not have changed the outcome of the trial.

Judge Sidney Nation agreed. "I don't think there is a reasonable probability it could have changed the outcome of the trial," he said. A motion for a new trial was denied.


In other Superior Court business:

- The request for a new trial for convicted murder defendent Hakim Muhammed, whose was convicted last year of strangling his wife Sheila Muhammed, was also denied.