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Conyers DDS employee honored for customer service
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An employee in the Conyers office of the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), Charles "Chuck" Courtois, was recently honored by Governor Sonny Perdue for outstanding customer service efforts. Courtois,received a Team Georgia Customer Service Award presented by the Governor's Office of Customer Service (OCS). OCS honors State employees who demonstrate exemplary customer service and who also exhibit strong leadership and serve as a role model to others.

Courtois is a Business Analyst in the Conyers' Administrative Headquarters and was recognized for his effectiveness in ensuring that all 64 DDS licensing centers are utilizing the lobby management system accurately. The adjustments that were done to accommodate the equipment needed for the implementation of Georgia's new driver's licensing system at some centers have impaired many center's ability to effectively utilize the lobby management equipment and to respond to customer demand.

When this problem occurs Courtois, is notified of the impairment and charged with developing a solution. Courtois, does whatever is needed to change the lobby management equipment himself so that a service call, which typically cost $2,800, is not placed to the vendor. Doing so may require going into a ceiling, crawling under counters and moving, re-wiring or re-programming equipment. Keeping this task in house, saved the state approximately $36,000.

"Chuck is very passionate about lobby management and truly takes it as his personal mission to ensure that the lobby management system functions properly for our team members and customers as well as is inline with the vision of the Agency," said DDS Commissioner Gregory C. Dozier.

Courtois, lives in Covington, Newton County and has two children Chad and Emily. His Mother and Father, Virginia and Bonner Hawkins and his children attended the award ceremony. In his spare time he enjoys swimming and home improvement.