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Community Strength
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To test the true strength and vitality of any community you only have to look at how they treat their youth.

Folks in Conyers and Rockdale County have for the past 33 years supported the aptly named Barksdale Boys and Girls club.

During those 33 years the club has provided a safe haven for thousands of our young people some who would surely have been latch-key kids.

The club has taught teamwork and leadership skills and it has provided a spot for the young people of the club to learn leadership skills, to learn how to study and to achieve whatever they set their sights on.

During those years, interested people in the county have raised funds to build a safe building to house these activities. It has provided money to insure that every child and family who wants to partake in the benefits the club provides can do so.

You see, the Boys and Girls Club turns no one away if money is tight.

On August 7, the club will be holding its annual fundraiser Super Saturday Night. This year’s gala event will take place at the Acuity Brands Lighting Peoples Center, located at 1 Lithonia Way in Conyers.

The tickets are only $75 and include a reception, auction, great food, wine tasting and dancing. You can purchase your tickets online at You can also go by the club, located at 1015 O’Kelly Street or contact any board member.

We recognize that these are hard economic times but we are asking you to reach deep and support this great organization. God forbid, if something would ever happen to it, the cost for the city and county to provide the same services would be mind boggling.