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Clerk of Courts Real Estate team achieve top certification
Seated left to right are Linda Moss, Janet Williams and Teri Jones. Standing left to right are Clerk Wilson and Chief Deputy Mary Burgess.

(Conyers, GA) The Real Estate Indexing Team at Rockdale County Clerk of Courts Ruth A. Wilson's office recently achieved 100 percent certification by the State of Georgia as experts in real estate indexing standards.

The team achieved their respective honors by passing the State of Georgia Indexing Certification Exam. Out of Georgia's 159 counties, there are a total of 41 certified indexers within just 18 Superior Court Clerks' Offices.

"The citizens of Rockdale County deserve the assurance that elected officials are making every effort to serve public interests by improving operational efficiency and integrity," said Wilson. "This is no small accomplishment for Rockdale."

"This team adds value every day on behalf of the public while demonstrating the highest professional standards and exemplary customer service," she continued.

"The Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) developed indexing standards for the State of Georgia to assure that real property records across all 159 Georgia counties can be indexed with accuracy, uniformity and consistency," GSCCCA Project Manager Phil Kobierowski said.
The certifications add another layer of professionalism in the quality of service in the Clerk's Office.

Karen Benton, a local title examiner said, "I have a high level of comfort in the indexing. This is valuable in a field where there is no room for error." 

Members of the fully certified Real Estate Indexing Team include veteran Deputy II employees Janet Williams, Linda Moss, Teri Jones and Chief Deputy for Real Estate and Operations Mary Burgess, who shepherded the team to this achievement.

The Real Estate Indexing Team is composed of:

Linda Moss
Linda began her career in the Clerk of Courts Office nearly 30 years ago, and has worked for three different Clerks. She has seen numerous positive developments during her career, including the transition from hand written to digital records, and the implementation of the Deed Indexing Standards. The Rockdale County Real Estate Division was a test office for introducing indexing standards in the State of Georgia, a historical event that Linda is delighted to have seen. In 2014, she passed the certification exam for indexing real and personal property records for the State of Georgia. Linda is proud to be a certified indexer in a county that provides attorneys, title examiners and the public with accurate records and excellence in service.

Janet Williams
A longtime employee of Southern Bell/AT&T, Janet retired and enrolled in a Paralegal Studies program and received an associate's degree with highest honors in 2004. She came to the Clerk's Real Estate Division in 2005 when the housing market was booming and there were an abundance of real estate records to process manually. Janet later witnessed the Division embrace technology and begin digitizing historical records. In an office that strives to provide superior service, she is proud to become a certified indexer and serve the needs of the citizens.

Teri Jones
Prior to her 17-year tenure with the Clerk's Office, Teri worked for the Rockdale County Public School District for 12 years. Her experience in the Clerk's Office includes accounting functions and managing the Real Estate Division. Teri is proud to be a certified indexer and part of an outstanding group of employees in the Clerk's Office.

Mary Burgess
Mary joined the Clerk's Office in 2014 as its Real Estate Division Manager. Prior to joining Rockdale County, she served nine years in Muscogee County, where she implemented e-filings for land records, assisted with multiple software conversions and led data recovery efforts after a server crash. Since coming to Rockdale, Mary shares innovative ideas that champion process improvements for increased efficiency and accuracy. As a Certified Indexer and Certified Project Manager, Mary's invaluable skills foster organizational development and ensure the Clerk's Office provides exceptional service to Rockdale County citizens.