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Christmas Extras

I always try to give you guys something witty or clever each week in this newsletter. Something that will at least entertain you, if not actually impart any wisdom. But I have the flu, so you guys will just have to cut me some slack this week. I’m going to give you some fun ideas of some things to do before Christmas is over and you miss out.

Check out the lights: Looking at Christmas lights and trying to find the very best Griswald house was something my family always did growing up, and I have fun doing with my son. I know there are plenty of places around Georgia to check out beautiful light displays, like Stone Mountain, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Callaway Gardens, but there’s something to say for driving around and checking out the houses that are all lit up like, well, Christmas. Little kids really dig it, but so do big kids, like me.

Bake cookies: My Memaw had tons of things she would make every year, including date nut balls (which are hard) and peanut butter fudge (which isn’t as hard for me). I make the fudge every year, and I’ve also tailored my baking to stuff my son can and will eat and help with, and stuff that I can share with friends and co-workers. If you aren’t a big baker, just get a roll of sugar cookies, some frosting and sprinkles or decorating icing. Roll the dough out and cut it in fun shapes, or just make the cookies like normal and frost them and add some sprinkles. It’s totally idiot-proof baking. And it really makes things feel and smell like Christmas around the house.

Make ornaments: This can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. You can get all complex with clay and junk, or you can make them out of paper and glitter. No matter how you make them or what they look like, it’s a fun little craft, especially if you have kids. And there’s nothing like starting traditions with your kids that they can one day do with their kids when they are adults.


Most importantly, spend time with your family and those you love. And show forgiveness to me for calling it in this week since I’m sick.